The better the connections the greater the city.

The mid-1990′s saw an uninvited Internet change New York’s business, civic, family, government, and neighborhood communication networks. It changed life in the city in a multitude of ways – sometimes for the better, other times for the worse.

In 2014 a new Internet resource will arrive in our city, the .nyc Top Level Domain or TLD. It’s like .com and .org, but just for New Yorkers. Its arrival provides us with the opportunity to create a more organized and connected city. With our own TLD we can do things such as:

  • create an organizational structure for our digital resources like our ancestors did 200 years ago when they created Manhattan’s street grid:,,,… Domain names that reflect the city we know.
  • give businesses, organizations, and government the names they already use:,, …
  • create good neighborhood communications networks for the first time ever –,,,,…
  • keep Internet revenue in the city by training name registrars as local Internet service businesses,
  • and make New York a City of Trust where Internet users globally can feel safe when accessing our ideas, services, and products.

The opportunities enabled by the .nyc TLD are only now being discovered and invented. Join us.

Our Vision

There are two models to choose from when developing the .nyc TLD:

  • The Standard Model as epitomized by the .com TLD, with name sale volume the indicator of success, i.e., if you sell a lot of names you’re successful.
  • The Community Model with the public interest guiding development, and with success measured by quality of life improvements.

We explore, record, test, and develop new uses for city-TLDs. We ask how a TLD be used to help residents, businesses, and institutions. We advocate for a “trusted TLD” that will draw the world to our city’s resources. We ask what it will take to assure that New Yorkers have long term access to good .nyc domain names that enable them to set up a business, civic, or personal website.  And perhaps most important, we look for ways residents can find and collaborate with one another to create a better city.

Our wiki and blog are filled with these ideas.

City Hall has not yet fully engaged the public’s imagination about .nyc and is missing the advantages that transparency and public engagement provide. A .NYC Advisory Board was formed in May 2013 with the promise of public engagement ahead.

Next Steps

The .nyc TLD’s introduction will  be a massive change that will take years and touch everyone. Click around our blog and our wiki pages to learn about governance models, domain name allocation plans, and a lot more. There are hundreds of posts and wiki pages to peruse and the opportunity to comment.  Be part of the transformation. Email us if you have questions.

About Us

We trace our origin to a 2001 Internet Empowerment Resolution that called on city hall to acquire the .nyc TLD. When the administration said in 2005 that it wasn’t interested, we organized Inc. as a NYS not-for-profit to undertake the task. And in 2009, when the city was enlightened about acquiring .nyc, we turned to advocacy, to assure that the TLD was fruitfully developed in the public interest.

In 2012 we opened a new avenue for public participation in oversight of .nyc and the global Internet by joining ICANN as an At-Large Structure. There’s more on our history, vision, and mission here.

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